Dating 40s

One thing I've learned, however, is that the dating "basics" are still the same as when women were "foxy," and men were "fine" (and if you're unfamiliar with those terms, you're definitely not over 40.

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But men in their 40’s and up can’t only handle but respect a woman who makes the first move. So, you get to waste less time sitting and and waiting: you can go out and find out right now if a guy is right for you.So, guys will tell you sooner what they need and don’t need in a partner, so you can figure out if that works for you or not without months or years of dating!Shutterstock Instead of going on a date with someone you only sort of like to enjoy a nice restaurant, you can afford to treat yourself!That’s just how men and women work; most men mature far more slower than women and don’t really value a monogamous, intimate relationship until after their 30’s.Shutterstock And they’re filled with men in their 40’s! Because men in their 40’s, just like you, don’t feel like hanging out at bars all night. Just open your phone or laptop and there are thousands of men at your fingertips.

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