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Instead of using sendmail program, it's using Socket to connect to the SMTP server, so it can be used under UNIX and Windows platforms without any big modification on the script.This program supports single and multi-paged forms, anti-spam captcha codes, attached files, templated email delivery and auto-response, SSL, submission database storage, submission downloading in CSV format, and a web interface to edit, forward, search and delete submissions.To make managing my email easier, I like to sort incoming messages into a few folders (in addition to the inbox).Spam is always filed into the spam folder, and I look at it every couple of days in case something I want was marked as spam.A quick word about terminology to begin: Sorting is the process of classifying email and storing it in an appropriate folder. MIMEDefang uses that classification to mark a message as spam by adding a text string to the subject line.That classification allows other software to file the email into the designated folders.

Free, highly customizable CGI script that processes HTML form input and prints it in email and onscreen.All customization is done from within the HTML form. Automail Lite uses a website form input to auto-email a binary file (gif, exe, etc.) as an attachment.Automail Lite is an expansion of Matt Wright's Form Mail.This year, the "Best Couple" prize has turned into the "Best Trio," because resolving the problem I set out to fix—effective server-side email sorting—took three pieces of software working together.Here's how I got everything to work using Spam Assassin, MIMEDefang, and Procmail, three common and freely available open source software packages.

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