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He hatches a plan with Charlotte, a spider that lives in his pen, to ensure that this will never happen. Back to the Future is a classic film that is still popular today!A young man is accidentally sent thirty years into the past in a time-traveling De Lorean invented by his friend, Dr. The scientist father of a teenage girl and boy accidentally shrinks his and two other neighborhood teens to the size of insects.We’ve linked up to it directly in some of the films so you can check it out for yourself!

) for the following categories: Sometimes after a long week your family just needs something light-hearted!

With so many movie options out there it can be hard to know which films are appropriate for families – especially with small children.

There are some real duds out there including films that appear to be family-friendly and aren’t!

Mia Thermopolis has just found out that she is the heir apparent to the throne of Genovia.

With her friends Lilly and Michael Moscovitz in tow, she tries to navigate through the rest of her 16th year.

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