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The collapse is going to happen whether or not you want it to, so instead of bitching about it or feeling depressed, exploit it so you and your loved ones can live a happier life. If you live in a culture that collapses overnight, that’s bad, but there are huge, and I mean collapsing culture like in Collapsing USA, Suicidal Europe, or Cuckoo Canada. In business: I’ve made more money in my businesses in the last 36 months than at any time in my entire life.In investing: Do you realize how much money I’ve made this year investing just in bitcoin alone?Ten years later, I would go out on a date with a white, suburban 19 year-old girl who said that of her nine girlfriends in high school, seven of them already had babies.Today, most of my current and ex-FB’s who are / were in their late teens / early twenties were already single moms.I’m not going to tell you the exact number, but holy shit, it’s a lot.I’ve doubled my money , and already pulled out the money I originally invested, plus a healthy profit, so even if bitcoin crashes tomorrow I will still have made a lot of money.

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As I have said and demonstrated perhaps hundreds of times over the past ten years on my various websites and books, regardless of the Western world collapsing all around you, you can create and maintain a small bubble of awesomeness for you and your close loved ones that makes all of this chaos literally irrelevant.So ask yourself these questions: At some point in the next few years, I’m going to publish a book about some specific answers to those questions, but you don’t need to wait for me. Don’t forget that it’s the WESTERN world that’s dying, not the WHOLE world. Read this quick article that I wrote here about my last visit to Asia.Stop getting depressed or angry and instead look around for opportunity. Also read this article I wrote about exactly what China and other BRICS nations are doing to take advantage of the collapse of the West (and the USA in particular). The amount of money, power, and opportunity over there right now staggers the imagination.This guy who was hailed as a “small government conservative” throughout the presidential election presented a budget that was a 24% increase in federal government spending, in just one year. Yeah, great, good thing those fucking Republicans are for small government.(They’re not.) Worse, over 80% of that 24% increase .

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