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Jack Wilson (Daniel Amalm) and Curtis Reed (Shane Ammann) befriend Eric and ask him for help getting into shape, he reveals that he uses steroids.Goddard explained that Eric agrees to help the duo "but things turn sour when Eric suggests that Jack try steroids to build up his muscles even more." The actor revealed that Eric only leaves Summer Bay after causing a lot of trouble.Andrew becomes Jack Wilson's (Daniel Amalm) tutor, but Michael Ross (Dennis Coard) is reluctant to let him continue with the tutoring. After a while people begin to see Andrew is genuinely trying to change and their opinion changes when he helps Irene Roberts (Lynne Mc Granger) after she collapses from stress and is able to raise Sally Fletcher's (Kate Ritchie) grades in order for her to take Maths classes at Year 11 level.

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The following is a list of characters that first appeared in 1995, by order of first appearance.

He explained that "there are a lot of men like Andrew who seem like nice guys on the surface but there is something that just makes them flip." In his case jealousy is the trigger of his violence, each time "he sees Donna with another man he just lashes out".

After Andrew witnesses Donna with Rob Storey (Matthew Lilley) and Travis Nash (Nic Testoni) he hits Donna and bruises her eye.

They are impressed with his physique and asks for tips. Curtis is reluctant but Jack is determined, even more so after Curtis bests him in an arm-wrestling contest.

Shannon Reed (Isla Fisher) takes an interest in Eric and they begin dating.

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