Cyrano dating agency review

I didn't recognize all of the cameos, but the ones I picked up were pretty enjoyable.My personal favorite had to be Gong Yoo because, well, it's Gong Yoo. I was pleasantly surprised by Sooyoung's portrayal of Gong Min Young.It didn't help that the last time I watched Lee Jong Hyuk was in A Gentleman's Dignity, where he played a cheating 40-something-year old (who, if I remember correctly, checks out Sooyoung's legs at some point in the show).Even in the final scenes of the show, it just felt more like a teacher-student relationship than a sizzling partnership of people on equal levels.I have been waiting for this show to premier since the first time I heard the words “New drama in Oh! Boy show takes on subject matter that is a little more substantial: it does not have to be a melodrama (no, I beg of you, no) but at least a half fluff half character growth bonanza. Just don’t cut down on the flower boys, whatever you do. In parting, I thank this show for introducing me to the best Rubik’s cube ever- I know I can solve it in ten seconds. One shade of grey- at least according to my screen and/or imagination (probably my imagination, but hey, a girl can dream).I can match gray with gray any day-why didn’t I think of this earlier!

The way that Min Young believes in romance clashes immediately with the way Cyrano handles love- while Min Young has operated on the assumption of fateful connections and minor procedural oversight, Cyrano has approached the dating game with a methodical and technological drive for success and monetary payout.

Maybe it is because the agency’s first full client setup played out like a 1940s crime film or maybe it is the dimly light theater offices of the Cyrano agency, all foggy and mysterious and all. Regardless of what the look of this show is called I am really enjoying the sets and their pulp comic look.

Adding to the atmosphere are the floral prints and eclectic wardrobe of our characters, displayed in tandem with the detective spy feel. While not a masterpiece of set design it is fitting and freshly interesting for a romantic comedy like Cyrano. My only grief thus far (and technically this is more of a complaint about the series not this show exactly- because this show is not a disappointment) is the ongoing direction of Oh! Here comes the ramble: I feel like viewers are long overdue for another drama in this series as strongly written as Shut Up Flower Boy Band. Boy is to appeal to the teenage demographic, unfortunately I think tv N believes the teenage demographic only likes watching the light and fluffy (and when I was a teen I think I could handle things that were a little, how do I say it.. Not to hate on the network -because I really do love 99% of the shows they put out, but I hope the next Oh! S.- Isn’t it adorable that Lee Ki Woo and Lee Chung Ah are dating!

Cyrano is the story of a dating agency on steroids- staffed by flower boys that used to work in theater (really- does such a place exist! The titular dating agency helps their clients hook up with the one they are pining for via elaborately crafted scenarios.

While executing a plot in the name of one of Cyrano’s clients Byung hoon becomes acquainted with the feisty and perpetually honest Gon Min Young, a woman that is his direct opposite in regards to the dating game.

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