Cuckoo clock dating marks

It was as though the teeth at the bottom of the scythe were different in some invsible way from those at the top.I had a good look with my manifying goggles and indeed there was more / different wear on the lower teeth than the bottom. Each time the clock chimes it engages these teeth up to say the 5th tooth for 5 o’clock and the sixth for six o’clock and so on and soforth.Its by W Gibson of Belfast and dates from 1890 – 1899, probably 1895 – 6.

Finding service secreted away on clocks with initails is an excellent way of dating them. Auctions houses make mistakes all the time – even the good ones, and often undervalue or incorrectly identify clocks.

The solution was to adjust the whole sythes setting up a little to compensate.

A bit of 12oo grit wet and dry to both the lever and the topmost teeth of the scythe also got rid of any micro-burrs on the edge of the teeth.

Its a carriage clock after all which means is desgined to function in transit or when placed on and uneven surface.

Repairing or servicing a carriage clock should therefore not be done to the beat of a drum or a deadline. Todays job is an Irish mini carriage with an hour chime.

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