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The 81-hectare Botanical Garden form one of Johannesburg’s vital green lungs.The land for the gardens was set aside in 1969 – at the time it was a sports field and golf driving range consisting of bare veld and no trees.The park is fenced and gates at all the entrances are staffed by security guards.

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The garden's master plan gives a broad outline of the botanical layout.There is a large collection of palms along the western boundary of the garden next to the nursery in Thomas Bowler Road.Further south along the same road is an interesting collection of acacias, the South African ones of which were donated by Denzil Carr, an acknowledged expert in the South African representatives of this genus.There is also a tea pergola and a floreum for meetings, shows and exhibitions.The dam is fed by two smaller dams above it, which are home to many aquatic birds.

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