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" (Let it be known that as soon as you decide to do this and make a solid plan with another one of your friends, he will most likely text you a hot minute later.) Or, "Do I sit around and legit wait for him to reach out and risk not having a plan with anyone?" I personally prefer the first option, because F him at that point. You match with a dude on a dating app, but then he never reaches out. And trust me, I've been there — it's pretty annoying.There's a thing called momentum, and if you don't keep it up while you're dating, things fizzle.Relationships are work — they're not going to just happen. Everyone is busy, and we both know you weren't in a meeting without your phone for seven hours. He texts you nonstop for a week, but then falls off the map. I know you have your phone in your left hand even when you're holding your member with your right as you pee, or you sleep with it under your pillow (which, turns out, is super-dangerous). You text him a somewhat lengthy text (that you mulled over and asked five friends if you should send, which they told you not to send, but you did it anyway), and then your guy responds with "K," "Cool," or doesn't reply at all.Correct me if I'm wrong, but this tends to go on until 12. When he does finally waltz into the decided meeting spot, you call him out and say, "Hey, you're an hour late, what happened?He tells you he's leaving his buddy's place and he'll meet you wherever you are. " To which he replies, "I told you I was with my friends, it's not like I was with another girl." ** And then you, the girl, feels crazy when it was really his fault.

This back-and-forth game of tumultuous tug-of-war turns out to be a not ready.

Basically, if you start to feel crazy for no reason, consider it a red flag. Kind of got that vibe at the party the other night." He says, "Babe, you know your friend Sarah and I are just friends — I love you, we're good, you're amazing." * gets to tell you that he really likes you, but when you tell him the same, he gets all ~*d Is Ta Nt*~ — as if you're trying to be too serious too quickly.

Girls, if this scenario happens to you, please don't feel crazy.

And let me tell you, if a guy isn't ready, it doesn't matter how perfect of a person you are. You have no idea how happy it will make her, and also, if you actually like her, then you'll probably 3.

He waits too long to text back in between messages.

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