Cougar cub dating rules

If people these days will look back few decades ago, taboo of older women who are dating younger men is still here.Many individuals are surprised upon seeing those younger women who are years older than their dates.Keep in mind that this is not ideal for all women and men.This is suited for outgoing and flirty individuals who just want to have some fun.But in these modern days, cougar dating is considered as a trend and is accepted in the society.According to the dating experts, this kind of date is ideal most especially for those men who are looking for casual hook-ups rather than searching for women whom they can marry.A lot of female celebrities have caused quite a stir in the headlines for dating and marrying younger men and somewhat 'normalizing' the age gap.Women like Gabrielle Union and Brigitte Trogneux (Emmanuel Macron's wife) have definitely proved the test of time and are perfect case studies as so how this latest trend could be here to stay. A younger man's outlook on relationships hasn't been tainted by life experiences and this can be quite exciting for older women.

While the age gap was a lot smaller in years past, the age gap has widened over the over years and this is a clear indication that the dating world has new rules in play.Their energy and optimism is argued to be an alluring factor and they are often more than willing to be spontaneous hence older women are leaning more onto younger men.Sex becomes a lot more appealing to women when they are a lot older and this makes them more compatible with younger men.They clearly seem to be drawn to the independence and confidence that older women exude and hence mature dating is a lot more alluring for them.Whilst sex is generally regarded as a tool in traditional relationships, with older women it seems to be a pleasurable engagement and this draws younger men to these unorthodox relationships.

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