Cost of international dating

This is a tough one because it coincides perfectly with number one.In addition, the number of girls you should have in your pipeline is also dependent on where you are traveling.Tools for Tinder auto-likes every girl in the radius you set until it literally runs out of targets.

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This way you can get so much accomplished beforehand, build friendships, trust, and really get a jumpstart on your international dating.

Let’s say you’re going to Colombia, land of the flakiest women on the planet. In this theoretical trip, the length of your stay is ten days, including the two weekends.

Assuming you want to get two or three notches, and assuming that two-thirds of your girls are going to flake out on you, this means that you need to have three girls lined up every day.

It’s horrible – your balls ache, you’re frustrated, and the imminent fear of failure with International Dating haunts you.

After my trip to Budapest in April of 2015, where it took the tenth night of a tenday trip to get my Hungarian flag, I set out to break down the formula of how to travel abroad and get laid quickly and efficiently. Your average worker with two to three weeks of vacation every calendar year will probably take a trip somewhere between a week and ten days.

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