Cornell dating scene

Police have declared it a suicide by hanging, but the singer’s grieving widow believes the pills played a major part in ending the 52-year-old’s life.

Cornell was previously married to Susan Silver, with which he fathered daughter Lillian Jean, 17.The frame and door panel have been hastily repaired after they were damaged by Cornell’s bodyguard Martin Kirsten, who kicked his way in, to go to the Soundgarden singer’s aid.The door is normally opened with a digital key card and there was confusion as Kirsten frantically tried to gain entry as hotel staff refused him access without authorization.The risk of serious side effects increases if the user consumes alcohol, pain killers, cough medicine or other various over-the-counter and prescription drugs while on the medication.Chris Cornell's wife Vicky said she spoke to the rocker on the phone just before he committed suicide early Thursday morning.

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