Copy and paste dating

That's what I'm trying to relate - sometimes the tendancy to cut and paste comes from realizing how slim a chance it is that contact will ever be made, so the temptation is to send out more rather than contemplating waiting months or years for a - The mentality can get to be like sending signals into space - those aliens might not even be there to hear it, so let's just shoot the signals everywhere and hope for a message back for evidence of life first. They are worth my time and effort, and deserve my best.(okay, now THAT's an exaggeration, but I'm sure a few can relate lmao! Personally I think men copy and paste hoping to get lucky with at least one of the messages that they sent outmandrake48left click and highlight all the words you want to copythen right click and click copy then go to the place you want it in and right click again and click paste and there you go copy and pastewell Im not sure about the whole copy paste thing, sometimes they are funny but I generally dont respond because I figure they sent out so many and dont care who they are sending them too.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.^ I think this is the most heart felt post on this topic.

(for the record, I've only ever written 5 messages ).

The story that some women (not all by far) like to tell us is that the ideal, decent guy, joins a site like this for fun, reads a few profiles he feels a connection with and sends out a few messages.

A week or so later he gets a few responses and out of those he finds someone he really clicks with, they eventually meet... I have no doubt that this is the experience of many women on here.

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