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In North Versailles Township, in Allegheny County, police officers alerted ICE to the whereabouts of an undocumented Mexican immigrant named Wilfrido Perez after he was involved in a car crash in which no one was hurt.

Perez, 49, had been in this country over two decades and was in the process of legalizing his status through his marriage to an American woman. " In Philadelphia, police officers are trained to refrain from asking about immigration status, with such questions considered irrelevant to and even obstructive of effective policing.

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In some instances, Latinos born in the United States were asked to prove their citizenship.While Macke's fervor for collaborating with ICE appeared extreme among the cases examined by Pro Publica and the Inquirer, his behavior illustrates how far an officer can go in a state with no rules, oversight, or tracking of police encounters with undocumented immigrants.With the Trump administration's crackdown on illegal immigration, the extent to which local and state police should cooperate with ICE has become a simmering issue nationally.Most involved highway traffic stops, and often no citation was ever issued.Beyond the highways, municipal officers also reported and even delivered undocumented immigrants to ICE.

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