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By creating a space to share openly and honestly without judgment, our defenses slowly started to come down.

One day, just for fun, we took one of those DNA tests that can tell you where your ancestors come from.

Following advice I’d read in a self-help book, I began envisioning my ideal mate.

Instead of hanging out in the usual bar scene or going on empty dinner dates and booty calls, I spent my newly found alone time introspecting on what I wanted my life to be from that point forward.

Would he ever understand what it felt like to be a black woman living in America?

Would either of our parents approve an interracial marriage?

I wanted to find a whole person to spend the rest of my life with, so I, too had to be a whole person. The attraction was instantaneous: He was tall and handsome; witty with a fun-loving personality; romantic and adventurous; artistic and entrepreneurial; a yogi, and most of all, spiritually grounded.

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Those nights were so much more peaceful than any I had ever had when I was dating.We talked about how it felt to live in a country that in some states, outlawed interracial marriage until 1972.By asking one another powerful questions, and listening carefully to the answers, we stopped making fear-based assumptions about our differences.Growing up on opposite coasts, we had dramatically different backgrounds and experiences.I loved to dance, he loved to snowboard (read the story here about our hilarious first ski trip together).

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