Cm punk and lita dating 2016

Hardy continually wrestling with the WWF sporadically, including matches against Hunter Hearst Helmsley and "The Ringmaster" Steve Austin.It was not until 1998, however, that the Hardy brothers were given a full-time WWF contract.His first WWF match was against Nikolai Volkoff on May 23, 1994, which he lost by submission.He wrestled sporadically throughout 1994 in the WWF, losing matches against Crush, Razor Ramon, Owen Hart and The Undertaker.In 1999, while feuding with Edge and Christian, the duo briefly picked up Michael Hayes as a manager.On July 5, they won their first WWF Tag Team Championship by defeating the Acolytes, but lost it back to them a month later.

He kayfabe turned on Lita on his first night back after teasing a proposal to her.They soon dumped Hayes however, and joined the short lived stable The New Brood.After breaking away from Gangrel, Hardy and Jeff were briefly managed by Terri Runnels, after they won her services in the first ever tag team Ladder match.Fans began a petition on the internet, wanting WWE to resign Hardy, and amassed over fifteen thousand signatures.Hardy released two character promotional vignettes, that he was planning to use before he was offered a new contract by WWE.

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