Club adult chat room

We would recommend creating a member profile using a valid email address so that you may receive valuable feedback from the chat service and member contact requests.

At the upper right of the chat room you will find a create/modify a chat room button.

Each choice of view option allows for a different screen configuration.

The Club Cooee 3D chat is loaded with possibilities.

If you have questions or need help you can also contact any of the volunteers on the list below.

Bring a bit of patience, because sometimes it will take the other people in the room a while to see you (they are also working on other things and switch to the chat window every now and then).

The chat is open to non-members, so if you are interested in joining the club, but would like to talk to some real people first, come here. And please try to help newbies or interested people with any questions they might have. Please help us: Send an email to invite your friends! Members, please use your HC user name for the chat as well. Thousands of community members from all over the world means awesome fun, action and adventure. Chilling on the beach, kicking party nights, right through to cosy times with another - Club Cooee has got it all.

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