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The background is intense and woody with amber tobacco and sandalwood, giving vigor, energy and depth to this EDT yet very fresh.This fragrance for the summer is the touch of well being that one needs when summer and holidays are approaching.It’s also true what’s been said below that it doesn’t last after the reformulation, not more than an hour and it’s gone, you have to digg your nose to be able to smell it. For me only a handful of scents cannot be mistaken for anything else and this is one of them!!! This is my third bottle (I bought last year) but I do not know what batch it is (I cannot detect any difference from the original I bought in 1996) For me this is the definition of what summer smells like... I understand why this scent is not for everyone but for me this belongs to my top 10 of all time!!! This fragrance is great for a summertime day trip in a foreign country when you are wearing a white tee and sandals and it is very hot. However, there is a serious problem with its unpredictability with the projection and silage because this fragrance almost reacts to surrounding conditions and because of this you can't be sure how well it will perform and on most occasions it doesn't break 3 hours of good silage, as for me I always have a better option like Acqua di Gio Essenza, Bulgari' s Aqua Amara or Dolce Gabbana light blue or sometimes even CD eau Sauvage Parfum- not 'sauvage' but the original 'eau sauvage'.One of those fragrances I will see shelved when I have gran kids and I'm yet to get married so do that math.خدایا چقدر داغون بودم همینجوری این داغونارو میخریدم I don’t know why i’ve waited for so long to try it !Beautiful scent upon first spray, you get that zesty, bitter citrusy vibe, it’s bright, clean and has that unique spiciness i guess due to nutemeg mostly and don’t know why it reminds me of the incense of the church. Very very flowery, almost feminine, but masculine at the same time! 10/10 EDIT: Compliment received in a taxi on 13/05/18 This is a great scent,the citrus, in my opinion, is perfectly blended in with the other notes.

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Sillage - 7/10 Longevity - 6/10 Scent - 8/10 I love how the top notes intertwine with the basenotes to the point that even hours later people know you're rocking Issey Miyake This is one of more unusual perfume scents, which I first tried while in Mexico on summer vacation and it blended fantastic with hot summer days, beach and so on.Masculine touch wit exceptional floral notes is a kind of freshness just like raindrops in summer. I think base notes' weakness is the main reason for weak longevity. Polo Sport, this leaves that in the dust..smells current! UPDATE: I can only give this a 3.5/5 because the modern reformulation has totally ruined this fragrance - the yuzu is extremely weak while the warm spices are very strong.:) Starts off with a fresh yuzu and lemon verbana along with some sort of Oriental spices. It seems to get stronger the longer I wear it, and for this reason I'd only wear max. If you want something in a similar style but far better, go for L'eau d'Issey pour homme Fraiche by Issey Miyake.I do the same with angel body products with Amen and works wonderful in winter i swear nothing better than this. ( im not talking about the new formulation but the old one , at least 2013 batch required ) One of those timeless classics. However, I think I sprayed too much on, on another occasion - came home and could smell a strong cat-piss stench!i always return this cologne everytime i start to try another fragrance. I really wanted to like this one, but this has turned me off. So far I've gotten one compliment on this, and was told that sillage travels all the way to metres across the room, although I couldn't smell it that much (probably due to olfactory fatigue).

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