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I am honestly not sure why; it’s not something where I was debating him and encouraging him not to go.He told me that I gave him the strength to decide he was an atheist, but that was horrible for me to hear because as I said it wasn’t something I had tried to do, and so I think just my very existence as an atheist made him doubt. She believes in god, but not in the traditional ‘old man on a cloud’ sense; more spiritual than specific.

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Instead what ended up happening is he quit attending church early in our marriage.

And in December 2013 we conceived our first son due to be born 9/28/14 and I couldnt be happier! I feel like there’s a part of her I don’t know, and a part of her that would be entirely different if she was in “better company.” She used to be a pretty heavy bible literalist.

It took a few discussions on how the earth isn’t 5,000 years old, man didn’t walk with dinosaur, evolution is a fact not theory, etc.

They weren’t well-received from me, though, unfortunately… It was mostly the appeal of beauty an authority figure telling her what is factual and what isn’t. I made factual claims I was immediately ready to back up. I don’t have many friends in the first place, and the few I do aren’t very philosophical.

At the end of the day, cool I guess, but it’s like, Cosmos didn’t do the science any justice… Black science man goes on tv, reads a script, boom: her whole life of believing in dinosaurs walking with man and a 5,000 year old evolution-less earth is revised because he said so. I like existentialism, absurdity, nihilism, moral systems, all that stuff.

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