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Certainly, Hahnemanns life cannot be merely confused tout court with homeopathy, yet anyway homeopathy is strongly related to his existence, choices and thoughts.

Around 1778, Hahnemann was introduced to Baron Von Brukenthal, the Governor of Transylvania, (now modern Romania and Hungary).

He worked for him as a doctor or family practitioner and had the additional task of arranging the Baron's large and valuable collection of books and ancient coins.

He also had the chance to learn some of the Magyar, Rumanian and Slavonic languages of that area.

As much people actually knows, that was probably the motif for which on the US dollar is the capstone of the great pyramid with the eye of wisdom and the words "In God We Trust".

Obviously, this is one of the popular myth and suggestions concerning US dollars.

For example, the American Revolution was inspired by an inner group of Masons centered around Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790).

The Baron introduced Hahnemann to the Freemasons lodge in Hermanstadt and he was accepted as a member of the Brotherhood to which he remained a faithful member in his later life.

The Masons studied esoteric doctrines based on the ancient mysteries of Egypt and Greece and carried on a tradition of initiation, meditation and prayer.

Many esotheric and new age treatments (alternative therapies) advertise saying "they are cheap and they have no side effects" but they don't say the main side effect on Christians that "they take people away from Christ and the Church, and the Salvation which Christ has brought to this world".

The Vatican document "Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Living Water" clearly speaks of the hidden danger of Homeopathy and other alternative medicines based on occult powers.

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