Your webcam is OFF by default, others will not see you. You can use our free public chat to meet new people and connect with others from all over the world. If you want, you can register (free) and get more options Cam chat is the most exciting way to meet new people.We'll cover a few scenarios here: Mac Let's say you want to talk to your friend, who also has a webcam, on a Mac. Be extra safe online, and never meet up with anyone in real life from any of these video chat places.There are a few options, the easiest of which to use is probably i Chat, a program which both of you already have. I can't really offer much other advice, except "don't download dubious downloads" and use as much common sense as possible.Also check out @ Wireclub chat The server of the site never crashes even though it is used by millions of users at the same time, the web cam and audio services are free from faults.The site is addictive and will help you in enhancing your personality in the real world.Rental option of Web Video is a very good choice if you don't want to spend too much from the beginning of the project.I hear this is a burning question for a lot of people, so I will attempt to provide some detail here with both a Mac and PC perspective. Also, if you're using any non-built-in webcams, this is where they should show up.

You can change chat rooms in every 5 minutes or 5 hours it’s totally up to you.

★★★★★ Finally also available on your mobile device! Live cam chat is supported on most modern Android devices.

★★★★★Simply connect and chat with others using your Android device! Some lover end devices might lag or not display the live cam feed at all.

) It's worthwhile going to a large computer store (Comp USA, Compusmart, Future Shop, Best Buy, or whatever's large and near you) to have a look, as they tend to have one of each webcam set up and connected to a computer, so you can compare image quality.

Some of the more expensive models do fancy things, like tracking (the camera follows you around the room) and have nice zooms, which may be useful, depending on your intended use.

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