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543010Translation: I'm a special snowflake, and I want to do the minimum amount of work needed to save up for my future, but since I'll be doing this shitty Patreon garbage for the next 20 years, I guess I'll be out giving handjobs for money instead of getting a real job.543348That brings up another question.What would those people do in terms of retirement/401k/social security/benefits/insurance/etc?Tbh, I'm too lazy to change anything about the way i post..Making tiny preview images, then PM everyone anytime I want to make a post… Not to mention trying to fight it would be pretty damn hypocritical of me.Patreon does not exist to make your own mini version of sexyfur or whatever.542837like seriously i'd wager 40% of people here are under 18, another 40% unemployed/terminally unemployable/stuck in a shitty job and perhaps another 20% emulating "normal middle class"still you shit on people who obviously produce stuff yoy're into, including many who make a respectable amount while doing itit's like…take a look in the fucking mirror, kettle.542837Maybe a commission for a book cover or something will pay better, but god forbid somebody make an effort to try and make a living off their adult art.Yeah, having "rewards" as an intregal part of the concept means by definition it's not a tip jar (tax-wise, "reward-based crowdsourcing" won't count as donations so it's all taxable).

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542993Maybe it will be better to move their asses and start working like any normal civilian in our society, huh?

If it was that easy, everyone would just do it themselves. It doesn't matter if they're drawing animal dicks or the cover of a book, it takes just as much effort. It certainly takes more effort than pushing some buttons on a cash register, but even those talentless schmucks make more money than artists do sometimes. I've only ever used yiff for the jerks that hide their stuff or because I was feeling too antsy to wait for somebody's public release.

If artists are willing to bite the bullet financially to give us more fap material, don't be a cunt and discourage them from pursuing ways to give us more of what we want. Patreon should be used for fans to support artists, not for artists to gouge their fans' wallets. Y'know most people who consume media generally pay to enjoy said media.

It will be better to stop pandering to sexually repressed beings with "art" about their -philias?

What about the time they used to draw as a simple hobby, making material about the thing they like and nobody else want to make?

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