Changesets and updating work items

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this The solution I'm building contains two class libraries, one website, and one web deployment project. Also, the release configuration does not include building the website, only the web deployment project.John task compares the labels between the last "good" build (one where both compilation and tests were successful) and the current build for the build in the long run, what happens is that this task ends up running ends up comparing against a build label which is way too old and has to do way too many comparisons and ends up erroring out with system.outofmemory workaround this, I now, once in a week, turn off the unit tets, to get this task updated and store a "good" build label.We do have plenty of good builds that compiled successfully, and no tests failed because we do not have any automatically run unit tests.

The Rational Team Concert client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE is a team collaboration environment that brings the Jazz vision to . Rational Team Concert offers rich and fully customizable work item attribute capabilities in the work item editor.In the days of XAML Builds in TFS, the build would rather handily update the work item with the appropriate “Integration Build” value… The good news is, we can handle this in v Next builds using the Team Services REST API for Work Items. You can generate a special token to use for this – so you don’t need to use your actual account. You’ll need to add the following Power Shell script into your code repository, so it is available during the build. Convert]:: To Base64String($token Bytes) $headers = @ [String] $collection Address = "$env: SYSTEM_TEAMFOUNDATIONCOLLECTIONURI" [String] $project = "$env: SYSTEM_TEAMPROJECT" [String] $build Id = "$env: BUILD_BUILDID" [String] $build Number = "$env: BUILD_BUILDNUMBER" Try Catch This script will dynamically obtain the base addresses of your team collection and will get the work items related to the build, and then update the “Integration Build” value. Along came v Next builds in TFS / Visual Studio Online / Visual Studio Team Services, which solved all of the pain of setting up and maintaining builds, but which also didn’t update the “Integration Build” value on the work items.In addition, work items are the hub for linkage between many Rational Team Concert artifacts (e.g.builds, work items, and change sets) and provide support for integration with other products.

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