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Cole why he was out here he called me a liar saying that my fridge or raider was not clean that I would have to take this or leave it there was a screw missing on the handle of the fridge raider and also accuse me of taking the screws out the inside of the freezer the rack was rusted which mine was not Not the drawers or white I had some that were clear I brought this to his attention I’ll like out from Mr.

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Cole I feel this is not my refrigerator because I know them holes were not there so if I give the fridge raider back that means I spent 00 at your company for nothing and then I’m out of refrigerator and that’s what Mr.

Cole the back of the fridge or raider that it was not mine that had over 8 to 9 holes like knives in it and he put his head down and said he could not explain that on the back of my wall there’s nothing there would make them marks on my refrigerator so I am stuck with the fridge raider that’s almost paid for a 00 fridge or raider that I am stuck with and I’ve had each different store call me and saying oh well you’re being stuck with this there’s nothing we can do I’m saying to you I’ve got a TV from you I bought a laptop from you and I bought a fridge raider from you and I spent over 0 a month for all.

I do not understand I’m a very good customer I’ve been with you for over close to 15 to 20 years I came from Oklahoma City to Mississippi and Pearl Mississippi store is the only one I am having problems with I would think that you would want people like me to keep coming to your store and pay on stuff like me but it seems like you guys do night there was an incident with Mr.

In 2008, the company sold their corporate furnishings division to Berkshire Hathaway. Robinson I have been with your store for over 15 years I’m having problems with Pearl Mississippi store Mr.

In 2009, the company changed their name to just Aaron’s, Inc. Cole Kevin and Mike I bought a fridge raider that cost me almost 00 I know it’s not my fridge raider because it has dents white paint on it and it is black I don’t have no white and my home I talk to Mr.

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