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The Governor's Office received hundreds of letters every day.

Staff liaisons assigned to different State agencies generally handled the correspondence related to their subject areas.

William Atchison O'Neill took the oath as the 84th Governor of Connecticut on December 31, 1980, succeeding Ella T. Born in Hartford, Connecticut, on August 11, 1930 to Frances and Joseph O'Neill, William attended East Hampton schools, New Britain Teacher's College (now Central Connecticut State University) and the University of Hartford.

He sold insurance for Prudential Insurance Company and later served during the Korean War with the United States Air Force as a combat flyer from 1950-1953.

Upon his return, he ran the family business--an East Hampton tavern where residents and politicians often met and where he, by his own admission, learned to listen. He served on the town's Zoning Board of Appeals, the Board of Finance, the Democratic Town Committee, and the Fire District Commission.

In 1962, when he was aged 32, he married Natalie (Nikki) Scott Damon, a native of Leominster, Mass.

Despite federal budget cuts, O'Neill focused on providing services to the State's most needy, namely the elderly, the disabled, and the homeless.

Each group of materials related to a letter or a series of letters is arranged in reverse chronological order with the government response first, then transmitting documents, and finally the initial letter.

Reagan dismantled many of the social programs developed in the 1960s and 1970s by drastically cutting federal funding and shifting more and more of the financial and administrative burden to the states.

Constituent correspondence and agency reports dramatically illustrate the impact of these budget and programmatic cuts on the State, on municipalities, and on individuals.

In 1980, O'Neill inherited a million deficit, an able cabinet and staff, growing state unemployment, and the Reagan-era federal budget cuts that had a negative impact on social programs.

Five years later the state enjoyed a budget surplus economic growth, low unemployment due to a booming economy, and improved infrastructure and clean drinking water, due in large part to O'Neill's efforts.

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