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​The mission of Freedom Service Dogs is to unleash the power of shelter dogs by transforming them into custom-trained, life-changing assistance dogs for people in need. Their support throughout the year provides the funding we need to continue training rescue dogs for people in need, allowing us to provide them to our clients for absolutely free.

We are incredibly grateful for the continuous support that Sexy Pizza provides that allows FSD to continue our mission.

She is a bottom babe and loves guys to treat her in the bedroom like a guy should.

A total class act and is always dressed to turn your head.

🌻🌹 I'm a lesbian-feminist, radical wisewoman, ritualist, and spiritual healer who lives her life in Service of the Divine. My best bud is my yellow lab and I enjoy both horseback and motorcycle riding. My passion is travelling and exploring the world but I am so grateful that I live in Canada.

A lover of natural beauty, reading and quiet contemplation, I am frequently found sipping organic, fair-trade coffee, on a warm sunlit patio with at least one book and a journal at hand. Hello ladies,,well,, im a very honest,caring loving woman who loves to laugh and make others too.

When you cease to grow and learn you cease to live.

I don't live in a box and I don't have a lot of respect for people who do...

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With that support, they have passed countless reforms on their campuses and in their communities, protecting the right to education, defending justice, and promoting safety, particularly for students and youth.

She's reliable and dependable, honest and trustworthy. I love bubbles bath with candles with a glass of red wine and cheese while listening to soothing relaxing music. I also love going to the movies or dining out, and lhave a great passion for travelling. , to treat myself, or to do nothing - be "brain dead" , or enjoy glass of red wine , etc .

I practice a healthy active lifestyle and enjoy exercising. Like listening to classical music or country music. It's very important to me to do things for the right reasons : to do things because I want to.because I have to..!

History rewritten: The British are known to have visited California in 1579, while the Spanish are believed to be the first Europeans to arrive in Canada in 1774.

Artist/Cook/Nutritionist/Shameless Bohemian/Visionary/Philosopher/Gypsy Wanderer/Je suis Canadien! https:// “Like art, revolutions come from combining what exists into what has never existed before” - Gloria Steinem My life story in a nutshell: "She was warned. Nevertheless, she persisted." :) I hike therefore I am! Member of The Niagara Bruce Trail Club I am a Chef... How you take care of others, even strangers, defines who you really are.

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