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But it took a two-hour flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia, this week, followed by a 90-minute motorcade north up Canadian Route 102 to Pictou County, for Dr Rice to find herself linked to someone with similar star appeal: Peter Mac Kay of Canada, the single, attractive Foreign Minister, routinely named Canada’s sexiest MP by The Hill Times in Ottawa.

Tall, athletic, blond and recently dumped by his girlfriend — a fellow MP, Belinda Stronach, who parted with him when she switched parties — Mr Mac Kay does not look like your usual foreign minister…

Further, she replies to this that she has not find the right guy and there were no right circumstances in her life to create a family.

She states that when her friends ask if she wants to get married, Condoleezza replies that she has to have someone to get married to at first.

Perhaps most famously, deceased Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi had what Rice described as an 'eerie" obsession with her.

Rick Upchurch was once known as Condoleezza Rice boyfriend.

She notes that it is important to ensure that they could be together legally because those people only want to take care of one another and create their family.

So Condoleezza Rice boyfriend is a status that has been taken only once in her life and it highly doubtful that she is going to find someone in her life.

As David Samuels relays in his June 2007 profile “Grand Illusions”: Rice works out regularly with a trainer, has dated NFL All-Pro receivers Rick Upchurch and Gene Washington, is a talented classical pianist, and wears sophisticated clothes that show off her long, athletic legs, facts that may seem trivial, but actually provide valuable clues to an underlying truth about the secretary of state: She is an extreme personality.

Even more striking than her lemon-meringue-colored suits or her taste for professional athletes is Rice’s bold optimism about the world’s future.

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