Camera phone nude shots

Either of these buttons can be used for shutter release, and the tactile feedback you get from pressing a real button is definitely much more satisfying than pressing a digital button.

Additionally, this allows you to hold the i Phone in two hands, exactly as you’d hold a traditional digital camera.

When you enable geotagging, your i Phone will keep a record of the location every time you take a photo, so you’ll always know where you took a particular picture.

This geotagging data allows you to easily find out where a particular photo was taken.

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If revealing your location is a concern to you, it’s best to not use geotagging – in which case you should switch off the Location Services feature.Click here to find out more about i Phone Photo Academy.While you probably won’t use Live Photos for all of your shots, it’s perfect for preserving those extra little moments that you couldn’t capture in an ordinary still photo.In this tutorial, you’ll discover 10 i Phone camera features that will radically improve your photos – and give you much more control over your i Phone camera.How often have you seen a great moment unfold in front of your eyes, only to realize that it’s gone by the time you’re ready to take a picture?

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