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Earlier on Friday, Cambridge Analytica acting CEO Alex Tayler to be obtained and said the company would submit to an indepenent audit."I am sorry that in 2014, SLC elections (an affiliate of Cambridge Analytica) licensed Facebook data and derivatives from a research company (GSR) that had not received consent from most respondents," he said in a statement.

Here it is: "As a data scientist I deeply believe in fairness and transparency inthe way data is collected and processed.

Investigators are searching the London offices of Cambridge Analytica, the analytics firm at the center of the Facebook (FB) privacy controversy, report BBC and Reuters. The investigation is part of a broader look at whether personal data was taken improperly, BBC reported.

court granted a warrant on Friday to search Cambridge Analytica after news reports that the company used data acquired from 50 million Americans' Facebook profiles for political messaging campaigns.

In the same year, a Mr John Walker was contracted to farm the parish poor in the workhouse for the weekly sum of 4s.

per head, for which he provided board, washing, mending, fire and candles.

To answer the intention, the keeper is a wool-comber. In 1838, a report by the Charity Commissioners recorded that "the Workhouse, which is commonly called by the name of the Spinning-house, is a large building in good repair, fit for the reception of about 60 persons." The also noted that prior to 1808: ..principal use to which the building had been applied was a receptacle for profligate and disorderly women, &c., committed by the vice-chancellor, their maintenance being paid by the University.

He employs not only several hands upon the foundation of the charity, but many others: among them his prisoners. It is also used for the reception of persons sent by the Mendicity Society of Cambridge so long as it existed; and vagrants not belonging to the town or university were sent there, relieved and discharged.

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The workhouse for the parish of St Andrew's the Less stood at the end of the north side of is now Norfolk Street, formerly Workhouse Lane.Stocks of wool, flax and other materials were also kept on the premises for providing employment for unemployed textile workers who were not resident in the workhouse. on Sunday; they are likewise allowed fireing in the winter. For men there are three cells at the entrance, each 9 feet by 7½, and near 8 feet high, with straw on the floor.However, the main use of the establishment became "the confinement of such lewd women as the proctors apprehend in houses of ill fame; though sometimes the Corporation send small offenders thither, and the crier of the town is often there to discipline the ladies of pleasure with his whip." The Cambridge Spinning House.© Peter Higginbotham. A tub serves the purpose of a necessary in these cells.When auctioned in 1838, the building was described as "a brick and slate dwelling house, with 8 rooms, and a kitchen under; with a yard and shed; situated in Sidney Street." St Andrew's the Great established a workhouse in 1756 in some rented tenements (Stokes, 1911) and in the 1777 parliamentary survey, the parish was reported as having a workhouse for 20 inmates.Various plans to erecting a new workhouse were made but not implemented until 1829 when a building was erected in St Tibb's Row, St Andrew's Hill, next to the cattle market, and with a large frontage in the Red Lion Yard.

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