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They then set to harrass their population to such an extent that in 1482 even the Pope complained: The Catholic Monarchs continued their profitable inquisition.Thousands of wealthy citizens were tortured, burnt alive, their property mostly finding its way to Ferdinand and Isabella, with some siphoned off to Torquemada and other Inquisitors doing their dirty work.

It continued in Spain and Spanish colonies into the 19th century.

Yet Henry VIII already had a son, who was aged 17 when he was ordered by his father to witness Anne beheaded.

With his father-in-law, the Duke of Norfolk and others ordered to be present as witnesses, on horseback and wearing masks, near the scaffold, while his father was getting ready for his wedding to Jane Seymour.

Arthur was led in a procession into his bride's bedroom. When aged about 10, John de la Pole's parents found a new bride for him, and they were divorced in 1453.

Arthur's comments to his mates when he was dressed in the morning, were remembered years later when the validity of the marriage was at stake. Margaret's first and only child was from her second marriage in 1455, at 12 years old, to Edmund Tudor.

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