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A profanity filter is in place in order to prevent other players from reading offensive content.The scope of the audience that will receive the chat is specified by prefacing the chat message with one of the following commands.Text Chat for PS4 and Xbox One players was added in Update 11, and fully supports peripheral keyboards.Text chat can be enabled from the Social settings menu, by pressing "Enter" on an attached keyboard, or by pressing the Menu and Map buttons simultaneously.There are toggle options for displaying bubbles for each of the available audience scopes except for /zone and /guild, as well as the option to only see the chat bubbles of those players who are known to you, either through your Contacts list or Guild rosters.Several game commands, often referred to as slash commands, are activated by being typed into the chat box.

f 56 - Adrienne123 f 51 - Jenks512 f 52 - Lifeis2short f 55 - Kramey f 62 - Flipflopgal f 59 - DMWY0209 f 56 - Tweetybrd f 57 - Fluffy222 f 51 - Skip2014 f 63 - Sweet Kate...Any future chats will continue to use the same scope until a new chat is used.Currently in beta, chat bubbles can be activated from the Interface Settings menu and display a text box above a player's head when they use the chat system.f 53 - CBK1964 f 48 - jdelcd f 51 - Lily_51 f 51 - deblog1 f 51 - 66Peggy C f 59 - Gloriamoure f 52 - Jillber40 f 60 - Madeyousmile m 58 - Cchool f 65 - ohiorainbow6 f 56 - Mpierre3g m 53 - Brownw m 45 - DELANE0875 m 62 - vernster m 70 - tucsondsr m 60 - sgcomic m 63 - Ben Y1954 f 51 - Tiff Kelley m 52 - Bruceburnham f 61 - Natl03 m 55 - levine f 51 - Kenya2.0 m 46 - marknoble m 48 - Christoph26 f 50 - Harmony Lo... f 50 - Opeum69 f 58 - Missfit09 f 60 - Laura548 f 58 - Jan Jan18 m 62 - josephdun... f 55 - Runner55 f 64 - Shelleyg123 m 62 - Nicky91255 f 54 - scottishg...m 58 - Yankees15 f 57 - zembricki18 f 62 - Angelswhi...

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