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What I did here was traced on what I like to call "guide lines".I used a dremel with a cutting wheel attatchment and ground in some lines. When bits of flying bondo get in your eyes it does not feel nice! (I covered the visor area and cheek vents in masking tape before I applied the paint.) This coat is to mimic metal for when you create battle damage.

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Bungie.net, the company's official website, which includes company information, forums, and statistics-tracking and integration with many of its games.

I then spray the inside of the helmet with (elmer's) adhesive spray and stick the squares inside the helmet until the paperboard is no longer visible.

Wait 10-15 minutes then coat the inside with fiberglass resin- 2 coats...

Where you want it to look like paint was chipped, scratched or burned, this coat will show making it look like actual metal underneath. His idea was to add shark teeth around the chin area and make the helmet colors, (I added orange instead of blue) so I whipped up this color sketch.

Sorry about the uneven visor design, It was an accident.

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