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We do want you to waste anybody’s time and we will try to find you your ideal life partner.” “You know what, I started to believe her and then it clicked, I will take it seriously. “However, that was before the 72 personality assessment questions and the three page profile that I have to write before the next meeting. “I sat calmly on the Saturday night and put my heart into my profile, accurate and honest, then onto the 72 personality questions, designed to find out if you’re a nice guy or some serial killer masking as a nice guy. Here at Bucharest Expat we will post the next stage of Dave’s not so easy dream journey to find Mrs. Oana Totora, Personal Matchmaker Umbrellafor Two, a dezvoltat primul serviciu de head and heart hunting din Romania, imbinand experienta sa in activitati de head hunting in mediul corporate cu pasiunea sa pentru oameni si dorinta de a-i aduce impreuna.

They are difficult questions but you can tell where it’s leading to, and I was as honest as I could be. Four sweaty, frustrating hours of Photoshop (delete, are you sure you want to do that?

Well, we thought it would be fun, but nobody said that life was easy.

What we had not anticipated is that our friends at Umbrella for Two take this process extremely seriously and having listened to Dave’s story of his first meeting with Umbrella for Two we realized there is more to this matchmaking than a quick chat and a photo!

Being a man, taking a test with straight yes and no answers is difficult when most of the time you want to answer ‘a little bit,’ ‘maybe’ or ‘does not apply to me! etc.) later and a bronzed, buffed, sexy me was being emailed to Oana.

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That became abundantly clear already in the taxi from the airport when my cabdriver gave me a heavy dosage of the usual, by inquiring about which girls where the most beautiful in Europe; Ukrainians, Romanians or Russians, he decided to change the subject to every cabdriver’s favorite topic of conversation; the nation’s gypsy He then boldly asserted the only thing worse in this world, other than being a gypsy of course, was being wrongly mistaken for one.

He is committed to staying in Romania for the foreseeable future and has no plans to return to America as he sold his house in Ohio when he left to come here. Enter our friends at and in particular Oana Totora, the (married) co-owner of this small, intimate Matchmaking company, established one year ago here in Bucharest after a discussion between friends on how to find the right man! Three like minded women, committed themselves to a private, very personal and extremely dedicated company, determined to find life partners for their clients.

Having identified the company to work with, we dragged Dave out, showered, shaved and dressed him reasonably well and packed him off for what we thought would be a fun experience.

This is the more expensive route but more intimate and arguably accurate way of finding your partner for life.

With these distinctions in mind we decided to embark upon the following for you, our Expat Bucharest readers.

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