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Also, always prime and paint in a well-ventilated area and keep out of direct sunlight.4.

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I stained over my fake wood with the same new stain I used on my cabinets and it blended in fine since I didn’t go much darker than the original color.

If your cabinets are in good condition (no chipping finish, bubbles, drips, etc.) a light sanding with medium grit sandpaper (just to give the existing finish some tooth for the new stain/primer to hold on to) should do the trick just fine.

On my cabinets (we had standard builder grade oak cabinets when we first moved in that I wanted to “jazz up”) I simply went over them lightly with sandpaper and then antiqued and stained them with a stain 1 shade darker than the original finish.

So with this realization we decided to paint the cabinets instead and antique them. The purists out there are going to hate me for that. Make the cabinets POP with the granite counters and black/stainless appliances, 3. I brought home a couple of doors as a demo for you guys.

Create a nice flow with the style of the house and the homeowners decor. Cost: Varies depending on the size of your kitchen Supplies: 1. This might mean stripping them and sanding them down to wood (as mine are), or simple hand-sanding them with a medium grit sandpaper.

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