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This hot spring town has been believed for hundreds of years to have healing waters that can clear anything from poor digestion to brain tumors.

Like many hot spring regions, the waters were developed into a large spa region.

It later became the residence of the Moravian governor.

There is much to see here, as the town was considered important during almost every century of the last millennium.

From lowest to highest, the sections are called the Imperial Palace, the Marian Tower, and the Big Tower.

The Knights and the Emperor inhabited the imperial palace, the Marian Tower was reserved for the Empress, and the Big Tower was left for God, and has a chapel inside.

This eastern town on the once border between Bohemia and Moravia sat on an important trade route called the Tristenice Path.

Another highlight in the town is the Portmoneum, the former home of art lover Josef Portmon, and a tribute to graphic art that covers walls, floors, ceilings and furniture in a completely immersive style.This town in the Moravia region of the South was created as a port town in the 14th Century to facilitate trade between Bohemia, Moravia, and Austria.The town’s historic center boasts easter-egg colors and renaissance architecture, which make it a picturesque place to visit.In this case, the transformation happened in the 13th Century, and was commissioned by Charles IV.As spas were the place of nobles, the architecture has always been opulent.

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