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Amanda Bradford, The League founder’s and CEO, said she’s optimistic about the service taking off in Seattle after attending the party. “You can tell by these parties how well a community will do on the app.

It’s a testament to the fact that there’s a need for people who want to meet new people.” After chatting with the young professionals who attended the party, a few themes about the city’s single scene, dating apps, and modern romance emerged. The League has taken more than a little heat for its rigorous screening process, which selects for highly educated and ambitious people.

“I think there’s a lot of really incredible people who might not fit the mold that I think the app is selecting for.

So I have some hesitancy, but then again, if it can help me fight the good fight and find true love, then that loss percentage is probably worth it in the long run, rather than endless pointless dates and swiping.” Most people we talked to echoed Leonardi, saying that The League’s admissions process doesn’t make them feel warm and fuzzy, but it’s a necessary evil when looking for like minded people. John Prosser, a 37-year-old middle school teacher from Tacoma who was previously married and has three kids, said he agreed with Bradford’s idea that companies and universities could be described as “elitist” because they screen applicants and don’t accept everybody.

We got an invite to the event and spoke with several of Seattle’s singles, who ranged from engineers to teachers to marketers.

It was fun playing The League’s networking game and hearing why people are interested in using the service.

Striking up a conversation at the bar or the food table can be an easier way to approach someone, as is mentioning something you notice on a guest’s name tag. Marina Pageant, a well-known philanthropic event that’s been featured everywhere from the Marina Times to E!

It’s a unique person who can not only commit to 10 weeks of fundraising, but is also willing to get onstage in front of an audience of 1,200 people. Not only was she Eventbrite’s first City Marketing Manager, but she created Mr.Marina, a philanthropic event that’s raised more than 0k for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in the last four years.There certainly isn’t time to go to everything, so I try to prioritize events where I’m confident there are attendees I’ll want to spend time with — whether that’s friends, people I’ve been wanting to meet, or an experience I’ve been meaning to try. The SOMA location is right by my office, but the team is opening a new location in the Marina this fall which I know everyone in the 94123 is excited about!I used to scoot around San Francisco on my Vespa, trying to squeeze in two or three events in a single night — but that’s exhausting! When I’m not working out at Barry’s (or various studios in the Class Pass network) you can find me sharing apps at Delarosa or sipping wine at California Wine Merchant.

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