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But Brazilian women are desirable for dating for many more reasons than simply outward beauty.

Brazilian women are confident, intelligent, and sure of what they want out of life.

Potential may seem bleak in the early stages when they don’t even know how to start a load of laundry or put a dish away, but don’t give up.

By all means though, Brazilian women expect to be kissed on the first date, before it is over. Days on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, trips to the bars and nightclubs, and nights out on the town are all things that Brazilian women love to do. Women from Brazil value easygoing natures and casual banter more than deep, serious, or intellectual discussion.

So keep it fresh, keep it loose, and always keep having fun when dating a Brazilian woman.

Unlike most American women, Brazilian women seem to totally understand what it is they want in practically every situation.

If you meet a Brazilian lady and it seems to be going nowhere, you should kindly move on.

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