Bow bow omarion dating

The sound was different coming from the both of us -- lyrical content, delivery, how we approach different types of records and topics.

That's a good advantage that we have over a lot of these older artists that do have the same sense that we have, if not more because being that O is 23 and I'm turning 21 years old, we still young.

Neither dude will likely be recognized as a world-class vocalist on his own.

But together, Bow (he of quicksilver flow) and O (he of slender harmonies) are urban-pop Wonder Twins.

The formerly pint-size MC (Bow Wow, né Lil’) and the ex-boy-band singer (Omarion, late of B2K) made an adorable pair on Bow’s 2005 puppy-love ode ”Let Me Hold You.” With Face Off, they unite again to serenade lady fans — this time with a whole album of raunchier tunes — and their charm proves undeniable.We still living life therefore, being we gonna go through more obstacles, we gonna go through more relationships and we gonna go through more of everything, that's what's gonna keep being new material and therefore we can keep re-inventing ourselves.That's why we was able to just go in and do what we wanna do, but do it the right way.Most guys just go for the pretty long haired models, but for him to like the fives, and for him to like the tens and the sixes and the sevens..." Most of our fans, they come from the hood.They don't have the money to go get their hair done and nails done everyday.

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