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After hanging up her cyberspace search for a soulmate, Hill got out a pen and did just that.“I Still Want Fireworks” is Hill’s very-candid single-at-60 odyssey through life, love and online dating.People in their 20s and 30s don’t get the same rejection rates as those in the over-60 range.” “On a positive note, online dating will allow a person to meet others whom they would not have met otherwise,” Hill explained.“We are creatures of habit and usually travel in the same circles, going to the same stores, restaurants and other places so we see the same pool of people.

She originally came to Delaware County after taking a job as flight attendant on German-speaking American Airline flights out of Philadelphia to Munich.She really liked the area, relocated here and plans to stay.Sons Matthew, Jason and Daniel and her three grandsons still reside in the Phoenix area.“I Still Want Fireworks” details the Delaware County resident’s ventures in the over-60 online dating world.On the one-year anniversary of her divorce, blogger Judith Hill of Essington signed up on two online dating sites.

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    In 2005, 6% of African-Americans, 7% of whites and 10% of Hispanics used social networking sites.