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His most recent appearance in mainstream continuity was Archie's Double Digest #196 in 2009. In one frame, he calls a portrait of his to be "in Lodge uniform". In later stories, Betty’s father is shown working as a druggist and is called Hal Cooper.In the first Archie appearance (Pep Comics #22, December 1941), Betty's father is called J. This implies that he belonged to a fraternal order (like the Masons); later in the same story, he is shown to be present when a high-wire act in which Archie was involved goes wrong. Although he has only a middle-class income, he is a good provider for his family.Although she is a disciplinarian and her son is always getting into trouble, she never seems to lose her temper with him.Molly Ringwald portrays Mary in the CW series Riverdale.

He is a somewhat rotund fellow and, for a time, his hair was white and thinning.

This version of the character is separated from Fred and resides in Chicago.

Archie's paternal grandfather appeared sporadically for years before receiving the name Artie Andrews.

He has a close relationship with his master, and Little Archie often worries about him being in danger.

Spotty has made a few appearances in the main continuity, usually shown as an older, less active dog. Cooper is also shown to be quite a bit older than his later avatars.

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