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Hoover, Alabama Reply I just finished driving 15 hours and arrived at the last quinta in baton Rouge Louisiana on Acadia thru way I walked in and the young lady asked if she could help me and I said I had reservation is gave her my name and asked if I could get a down stairs room and she told me that they preassigned me a room up stairs so I asked her again and she told me they don’t have anything down stairs so I left and called the rewards number and explained everything she put me on hold for a minute then she told me that they did have a down stairs room and the room they gave me the paint is peeling on the ceiling and the office chair in the room is missing one of the arms and the young lady was very rude maybe they don’t read any of these emails and look into the problems Reply I am a gold member and I do have a choice of hotels when I travel.

I was there for my daughters basketball tournament. This Laquinta is a dump and needs to be closed down.

The elevator door did not close completely each time so it did not engage to activate the elevator.

It was barely noticeable but was about an inch from closing & would have to be manually slid closed from inside the the elevator, several people told the front desk employees, they are who showed us how to manually close it.“ Also, the single entry door on the S side of the building that enters into the lobby near the stairs should have a short term timer to keep it open, it is not user friendly for entering with a luggage rack or wheeling luggage in if you are disabled or a single traveler.

I’m told a Manager is not on duty & the desk clerk will leave a note for them in the morning, but there is no guarantee I will not be accommodated.” I have yet to receive a reply, yet it appears that everyone tweeted before & after me has.

I’m understanding of the need for the change out & am more than accommodating, I also have a chronic illness & must keep a prompt sleep schedule as prescribed by my Dr., which is longer & later than most.Imagine how it felt to know the trailer you had the day before is not behind you.I could keep going, but I hope you get the idea of our loss and mental anguish!There is one way in and out of the location, yet no one saw this? (FYI, 10 year old girls like to travel with all their things) Imagine realizing things you just inherited from your father are gone!Imagine very personal items in someone else’s hands or thrown out.

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