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I believe that all growth takes place outside your comfort zone and taking out time to venture out into the unfamiliar is the best investment that a person can make towards their personal self-growth.

Volunteering is just another avenue by which a person can achieve this.

Upon reaching at the designated location, volunteers are briefed by a coordinator who then assigns you a certain class to take care of.

One thing that I find duly impressive is how TCF manages to vest our interests. Once you are associated with such programme you realize your importance in some people’s life as a person who has to act responsibly, as these people will look up to you as a role model.

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It has always been a really beautiful association and at a certain point it matters the most because it is just about the kids and me, the expectations they have of me are a duty that I personally owe to them.

This exercise again, was based around having the patients ‘informed’ about the due processes, educating them, And building their confidence.

Most recently, I have become part of the ‘Rahbar’ programme, initiated by The Citizen’s Foundation.

We all work, we have studied, we have families and friends, all activities that we partake in for some benefit or the other, for instance, working long hours for a paycheck, studying hard so that you could manage to get that job in the first place, giving time to your family and friends because relationships are important.

Volunteering for me has been one way, apart from everything I’ve stated so far that has just been by me, for me.

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