Bishounen dating

Another type of otome game follows the dating sim format in which the main goal of the game is to get with one of the boys.There is no real plot and the only other aspects of the gameplay involve mini-games. , follows the life of Sakuragawa Hitomi, a former beauty pageant champion who indulged in the treats and presents of her fans.

As a visual novel type of otome game, you will find the story unfolding as you play. In an otome game, you are introduced to a number of men whose hearts you are able to court.If you are into anime, you may have heard of the term “otome game,” but more likely than not, you have not unless you are into bishounen anime.Well, we here at Honey’s Anime refuse to allow otome games to be forgotten in the world of gaming!Some are more like dating sims which involve a series of dates or mini games to form relationships like Storm Lover Kai for PSP or Princess Debut for Nintendo DS.While we did state that otome games usually involve a female protagonist trying to form a romantic relationship with a man, that is not the only type of otome game available.

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