Bes it policy not updating

Method 1: IT Policy Removal (Preferred) If you have any 8xxx or 9xxx device the best method for removing IT policy is to update it to OS 4.3 or higher (if possible) and you can use JL_Cmder’s “resettofactory” command to remove ALL IT policy, Firewall restrictions and Application Permission settings.

After you’ve upgraded to OS 4.3 or higher, simply backup the device using Desktop Manager, close Desktop Manager, then run JL_Cmder and execute the “resettofactory” command.

If you’re unable to use a different SIM card than the one that was originally supplied with your device, look elsewhere.

However if, like many others you have a Blackberry that is locked by a BES, meaning you’re unable to change certain settings, or install Third Party Applications then read on.

If this option is unavailable, you may have to install the latest software on your Blackberry.

You need to Download and install the latest Desktop Manger Software, then the latest Handheld Software.

If you are unsure, it would probably be a good idea to uninstall the Desktop Manager and start again.

If you don’t have the CD that came with your Blackberry, the Software can be downloaded here.

Warning: This procedure can delete either all data, or all data and applications on the Black Berry smartphone. For more information on how to back up data, see Article 12487.Black Berry Software Site Download the file Download Here.and save it in your Blackberry installation directory (C: Program Files Research In Motion Black Berry).With the release of Black Berry Enterprise Server 4.1 SP4 and Black Berry Device Software 4.2.2, the Remote Wipe Reset to Factory Defaults IT policy rule allows administrators to remove the IT policy from a Black Berry smartphone and restore all factory default settings.First of all, this is not a guide on how to remove carrier information from a Blackberry.

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