Bernadette peters and steve martin dating

Bernadette Peters is warmly romantic and she openly expresses her appreciation and love of the opposite sex, though rarely in a crude or insensitive manner.

She enjoys playing matchmaker and bringing people together romantically.

In love relationships, Bernadette Peters could feel controlled, rejected or not accepted at times, and at other times experience great ease, happiness and content.

Bernadette has the ability to share the abundance of love she feels with many people.

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In addition to her desire for depth and security in her relationships, Bernadette Peters has an impulsive side and a need for a lot of variety and excitement, as discussed in the following paragraphs.Music or dancing or both play an important part in Peters' life.She may be caught in a conflict between caution and optimism frequently, resulting in restlessness and discontentment.Peters is likely to find fulfillment and harmony in love relationships because she knows what she wants and needs in a romantic sense and expresses her desires honestly.Loyalty, fidelity and security are very important to Bernadette Peters in love relationships.

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