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Upgrading from a previous version of OS X is the most common method of installing OS X Mavericks.An upgrade install also offers at least two benefits over a standard install; it's a simple process, and it retains almost all of your settings, files, and apps from the version of OS X that you're currently using. 5 things to do before upgrading to OS X Mavericks If you are considering installing OS X Mavericks, think about not only system requirements, but also your current OS configuration and any installed software you use. It’s all about what you should do before installing OS X Mavericks on your Mac.Some may consider this a bit of overkill, but I like having a very reliable safety net.The Mavericks installer will display the drive icon for your startup drive.That way, if anything goes wrong in the installation process, you can return your Mac to the state it was in before you started the upgrade.Also, you may discover after upgrading that one or more of your critical apps aren't compatible with OS X Mavericks.

That's because upgrades since OS X Lion have included all of the core files needed since OS X Snow Leopard, and the installer is smart enough to determine the version of the OS that is being upgraded, and which files are needed to bring it up to date.In addition, it's possible that some preference settings, particularly for the Finder, will need to be reconfigured.That's because of the Finder, along with other parts of the OS, includes some changes that will require you to modify preference settings to meet your needs.When you use the upgrade install method, OS X Mavericks is installed over your existing system.This process replaces most system files with new ones from Mavericks, but leaves your personal files and most preferences and apps alone.

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