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Sure there are a lot of comments that can be taken as insults to women, but you’d have to be blind not to notice the entire book, I mean almost every page has some wickedly sharp, LOL cynical comments…admittedly a lot of the statements about crazy women are very true. I think I work with a lot of the girls he’s writing about.

There are plenty of psycho men out there as well, and it would be nice to have a similar guide for women to help avoid all the guys who make a great first impression, but ultimately turn out to be train wrecks. In essence, a guide to master speed seduction on your terms; having complete control of your dating and sex life, while maintaining your assets during your pursuits and if/after a divorce. With so many nonsense PUA titles out there, this is intellectually a level higher.

Women prefer a man who doesn’t get tongue-tied and stumble all over himself at all the wrong moments.

This book teaches men panache; how to enhance their ability to carry themselves with confidence and attitude, and how to charm and be smooth with the ladies, ala James Bond.

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As far as imaginative interpersonal relationship tips for you players, this covers multiple areas to make you great with the ladies on your terms.

When you take away the chest pounding and witty shock value, this book is about creating opportunities with the right women, and avoiding the nightmares of dating the wrong ones.

The author obviously has a background in psychology, and provides very introspective and effective Alpha male self-improvement advice.

People often carry pre-conceived prejudices when they read, and will take what they want out of this.

For me, it’s a fascinating, entertaining book that makes you think and see how persuasion works in both the male and female mind.

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