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She was signed to Up Front Create, along with some of the members of the Hello Project! On September 16, UP-FRONT CREATE announced that Matsuura's contract had ended on September 15.

A discussion on her future activities due to her current contract expiring resulted in an amicable termination of her exclusive management contract with UP-FRONT GROUP.

The tour concluded on this day at the Maihama Amphitheater in Urayasu, Chiba.

It seems he has determined that this is the perfect timing.

However, two summers ago she announced that she had been diagnosed with endometriosis for the past four years.

Her work has been largely put on hold this past year or so, but she attended a local live event for her fanclub last month and showed everyone that she was well.

On top of his popularity in various Asian countries, he made another solo debut as KEITA and released an album this June with a subsequent national tour.

It was learned on the 3rd that Tachibana Keita (27), the main vocalist of the 3-member unit w-inds., will be marrying Matsuura Aya (27).

They will be submitting their marriage registration on the 4th and holding their ceremony in Hawaii this fall.

Having experienced one break up before, they continued to nurture their love in-between their busy lives.

Last year, they began living together in a high rise apartment building within the city.

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