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We will pick one winner (or maybe three) and send you a signed copy of my next book.

Make sure the email address you leave when signing in is the address thats easiest to reach you. When I turned 35 and started feeling old and uncool, I decided that a pair of black leather jeans would be the perfect solution.

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I've wanted to find a couple old friends but it's been 63 years since I left.

Now working with an aerospace company in Conn..'10/24/2017 - Grand Island resident: 1963 - 1977, GIHS class of 1973, now resides in TX. 08/21/2017Bob Camuccio - Grand Island resident: 1966 - 1967, GIHS class of 1967, now resides in Key Largo, FL.

Comments: 'I graduated in 1967 but had a number of friends in the class of 1966..'06/23/2017Tom Lynch - GIHS class of 1987, now resides in El Segundo, CA.

03/21/2017Merritt (Kinsey) Kinsey - Grand Island resident: 1949 - 1964, now resides in Grand Junction, CO.

Comments: 'Great growing up on the Island, very fond memories of days spent at Sandy Beach YC..'03/15/2017Philip Hy - Grand Island resident: 1953 - 1971, GIHS class of 1971, now resides in Otto, NC.

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