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" she asked as I slipped the panties down and kissed her lower stomach."No, no not at all." I replied as I kissed lower and pushed her gently down onto the bed.

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“They’re well worth looking at.” Standing up still with her back to me, she bent to pick up a single stocking and quickly rolled it into a neat little ball over the toe."Now these please." She placed a foot on my lap, giving me a perfect view of her glistening slit.My Aunt Pat, mum's sister, was the horniest woman I'd ever met in my life before."What does she want? She answered the door dressed in a fluffy toweling robe and she smelled divine as I took her into my arms behind the door."Your mother sounded cross," she said as I caressed her sweet little ass through the robe."She worries in case you wear me out.""Never," she laughed throatily and snaked her tongue between my teeth."Let's have a glass of champagne shall we and then I'll show you what I want."I followed her swaying ass through into the lounge and sat just watching her as she poured out our drinks."How was work?I can relax for the weekend.""Well I'm not sure about that. If it's a big job I might stay over so don't worry if I'm not back.""Well I hope she appreciates it, you're always over there helping her out.""It's no bother mum.Your Aunt Pat phoned to see if you could pop over to help her with something."I hid my grin and hoped like hell that she wouldn't see my cock stirring in my pants. I'll just have a quick shower first."My erection got in the way in the shower, but I resisted bringing myself off. Changing into pale blue jeans and a white tee shirt, I kissed Mum goodbye and drove the twenty odd miles to my aunt's house.

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